Anil Sharma

List of scams in India – A to Z

thumbs-downThese scams are worth so many zeroes, most calculators can’t total them. I stopped counting figures after my earlier article reached $1622.22 Billion.  With a new Government being sworn in today, one hopes citizens will see a more honest  India.


Adarsh housing scam

Bofors Scam / Bellary Mining scam /

CWG Games Scam / Coalgate / Cash-for-votes/

DGCA free tickets scam / DIAL scandal

Emaar-MGF Scam / Electricity Purchase scam

Fodder  Scam / Fertilizer Import Scam

Gegong-Apang PDS scam / Gas pricing scam /

Hawala Scam / Housing Scam / HDW submarine scam

ISRO Devas Scam / IPL scandal

Jain Hawala / Jeep scam / JMM scandal

Kargil Coffin Scam

LIC Housing Scam / Land scam /

MGNREGA Scam / Mining Scam / Madhu Koda Scam


Oil-for-food scam

Pune Land Scam / Palmolein Oil Import Scam / Plantation tree scam

QNet Scam

Rice Export Scam / Railgate / Road scam

Stamp Paper Scam / Scorpene Submarine Scam /Satyam Scam / Securities / Saradha group chit-fund / SpeakAsia /

Tatra truck Scam / Telecom Scam / Taj corridor/ Teacher recruitment scam

UTI Scam / Urea Scam / Uniform purchase scam

VVIP Chopper Scam / Vodafone tax scandal / Vacation scam

Wakf land scam

X-Ray film scam

Yugoslav Dinar Scam / YSR

Z ~ Left vacant for the next government

2G Spectrum Scam

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