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KFC – unhygienic and insanitary in India!

The most popular KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in New Delhi, the capital city of India, was shut down yesterday as it was a “Health Hazard”. The government order, clearly stating that the KFC was found to be “running under unsanitary and un-hygienic conditions” is posted here.

Toyota Recall – Indian car customers taken for many rides

Customers of the new Toyota Fortuner SUV are already screaming hoarse with their brakes losing power when applied at high speeds. Toyota has started replacing brakes of customers who complain but is not officially announcing for a recall. ..

Why Apple beats Dell

I’ve had the experience in dealing with computer hardware for 15 years now.In these years, I’ve used, sold, recommended and experienced the …

Understanding Clients !

I wish understanding clients was an easy job. I also wish clients would be more understanding. Neither of my wishes have come …