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Mac OS X Lion – Must upgrade

Just upgraded to Mac OS X Lion (10.7) on the Macbook and iMac. As in most Mac updates, faced no issue at all. Have been playing around with Mac OS X Lion for some time and it’s really cool. Here are a few notings:

Night vision on a Mac!

It’s cold in New Delhi, especially at night. Without central heating, sitting on a chair and working on a desktop at night …

Reset lost admin password on a Mac

My friend didn’t know the admin password of his Apple iMac so it I figured I would reset it. While it’s easy to reset the lost or forgotten password, I realized there aren’t too many step-by-step guides so I decide to create one.

Keeping track of history of computers

One reason why the history of computers interests me is probably because I can relate to it more than I can to all the excesses of the past kings and their queens. The fact that I’m using a particular computer today makes it interesting to know about developments in the recent past leading to this model. It sometimes also helps me predict the future and take decisions.

My take on the Apple iMac, Mac Pro and Cinema Display updates

On 16th July 2010, predicted that the new iMac and Mac Pro range would get USB 3.0 and Firewire 1600. These are powerful features, when the new range was launched today, both these features were missing from the new models.

Instead, the new iMac range got an upgraded graphics card, higher speed Ram and an advanced SDXC slot – none of which were predicted by any of the rumor mongers.

Taking screenshots on a Mac

The most commonly use key combination for me is Command + Crtl + Shift + 4. This combination turns the mouse pointed into a cross which shows screen pixel count as we move it around. With a mouse drag, I can select the area that I want to capture on the screen – while I drag, the cross shows pixel count of selected area.

Apple does it. Again.

Apple launched it’s new iPhone yesterday, named the iPhone 4. With several new features including an all new design, high quality display, dual 5 MP camera’s, the new iOS etc, the iPhone is way ahead than anything that’s available today. Watch this launch video that Steve Jobs showed at WWDC :