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The politics of promises

I want to draw the attention of the citizens of India to this BJP ad which gained a lot of sympathy during …


List of scams in India – A to Z

These scams are worth so many zeroes, most calculators can’t total them. I stopped counting figures after my earlier article reached $1622.22 …


5 Year election plans – India

The Lok Sabha Elections in India concluded with the result announcements on 16 May 2014 and the final swearing-in of the new …

Permanent solution to the India – Pakistan problem

In the absence of any intelligent solution being proposed by anyone else, I humbly offer to solve the problem between Pakistan and India – once and for all.

The Indian media and the Indian government are obsessed with Pakistan – constantly highlighting how Pakistan is a problem for India. The Indian public in general doesn’t bother- unless the Pakistan cricket team defeats the Indian one – that’s all we care about…