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Socio-Economic development agenda, the way I think.


The politics of promises

I want to draw the attention of the citizens of India to this BJP ad which gained a lot of sympathy during …


List of scams in India – A to Z

These scams are worth so many zeroes, most calculators can’t total them. I stopped counting figures after my earlier article reached $1622.22 …


5 Year election plans – India

The Lok Sabha Elections in India concluded with the result announcements on 16 May 2014 and the final swearing-in of the new …


Homebuyer’s charter of demands

The Hindustan Times, New Delhi edition published on 23 May 2014 a charter of demand’s raised by homebuyers.  I’ve attached the article as …

Buying an under-construction apartment? Keep this in mind.

This article is for all those who are buying under-construction apartments for the purpose of living in it. Based on my bad experience over the past 6 years in Delhi-NCR, I’ve put together some crucial points that will help ensure that your investment is safe and you get what you are promised.

Lets help politicians make more money

All the roads, drains, streetlights, flyovers, stadiums – everything is perfect in New Delhi now as we have spent $20 billion on them. The unprecedented rains, which helped us earn a 15% bonus on our commisions as a lot of roads had to be redone, are also sadly over. There is a lot more money in the Government coffers but we can’t think of ways to get it out after the CWG games construction work is over.