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Better ways to advertise

How can you make someone watch an advertisement of a product or brand they don’t need? I’m sure this question keeps many admen on their feet. Ikea, the world’s largest furniture retailers came up with a wonderful idea.

Keeping track of history of computers

One reason why the history of computers interests me is probably because I can relate to it more than I can to all the excesses of the past kings and their queens. The fact that I’m using a particular computer today makes it interesting to know about developments in the recent past leading to this model. It sometimes also helps me predict the future and take decisions.

Apple does it. Again.

Apple launched it’s new iPhone yesterday, named the iPhone 4. With several new features including an all new design, high quality display, dual 5 MP camera’s, the new iOS etc, the iPhone is way ahead than anything that’s available today. Watch this launch video that Steve Jobs showed at WWDC :

Latest Nokia N8 and Apple iPhone’s lost !

It’s strange that days after Apple claimed that it’s latest iPhone prototype was lost / stolen, Nokia has claimed the same for its new Nokia N8. It’s also strange that Apples lost iPhone found it’s way to a blog site and Nokia’s N8 found it’s way to another site What are the chances of 2 such prototypes being lost almost around the same time, then being found by almost similar review site