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Latest Nokia N8 and Apple iPhone’s lost !

It’s strange that days after Apple claimed that it’s latest iPhone prototype was lost / stolen, Nokia has claimed the same for its new Nokia N8. It’s also strange that Apple’s lost iPhone found it’s way to a blog site and Nokia’s N8 found it’s way to another site What are the chances of 2 such prototypes being lost almost around the same time, then being found by almost similar review sites ?

Gizmodo stripped the iPhone open and did a through review of the new iPhone, you can read it here. This lead to an immediate jump is Apple share prices ! However, apple wasn’t too happy,  they fired the employee who lost it, chased the gizmodo editor to return the phone and the cops raided the gizmodo editors office!

Mobile-review on the other hand gave the lost  Nokia N8 to a person who probably didn’t know much, his review wasn’t received well by anyone. Instead of fighting the issue, Nokia raised a sad note on one of its site and decided to fight back by actually launching the phone .

If you actually go into details, Nokia’s N8 might be a much better phone than the new iPhone. It supports a 12 MP camera and can record video in 720p HD. Thats a first for a good phone. It has larger storage capacity and it looks nice too. The iPhone, on the other hand, just gets some missing features like an additional front facing camera, split buttons for volume control and a better quality microphone.

That’s the difference  between Apple and Nokia. The bold strategy of Apple and the review of it’s new iPhone caused a spike in it’s share prices while Nokia’s shares dropped as soon as reviews of its new phone were released. It’s not just about the phone, its about the hype and Apple knows how to create that.

Here are some pics and interesting stuff for the two phones :

Nokia N8
New iPhone

Watch this video prepared on the new Nokia N8 using it’s inbuilt camera :

Nokia N8 sample video from Nokia Conversations on Vimeo.

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