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Stop that music – now!

When my choice is selective Country or Blues or Jazz in a particular setting and volume, how can any store managers decide to thrust blaring noise on me just because I’ve been kind enough to consider buying something from them?

I own a tree !

I’ve received this certificate and what a good feeling it gives. I have no idea if a tree has actually been grown …

NotionInk Adam launch controversies

Andriod Police has done it’s job by highlighting some issues with warranty clauses, shipping costs etc. Great. Thank you. Now NI will fix what they can. That’s what Adam has been about, community feedback based development.


Corruption & Scandals in India – continuing the list

This magazine article claims that US$ 1622.22 Billion have been swindled away in India since 1992 when the modernization process started. The article is dated 23 Nov 2009 after which at least US$ 40 Billion more of scams have unravelled.

Lets help politicians make more money

All the roads, drains, streetlights, flyovers, stadiums – everything is perfect in New Delhi now as we have spent $20 billion on them. The unprecedented rains, which helped us earn a 15% bonus on our commisions as a lot of roads had to be redone, are also sadly over. There is a lot more money in the Government coffers but we can’t think of ways to get it out after the CWG games construction work is over.

Better ways to advertise

How can you make someone watch an advertisement of a product or brand they don’t need? I’m sure this question keeps many admen on their feet. Ikea, the world’s largest furniture retailers came up with a wonderful idea.

Airtel : Harassing customers

We bought a prepaid cell phone number from their relationship center in Dwarka, New Delhi on 27th June 2010. Copies of my PAN card, AIrtel Landline phone bill as address proof, driving license as my ID proof, the required application form and money were submitted and verified by the agents. As promised, the cellphone activated on 29th June 2010 and was working. On 13th July, I received the following SMS from Airtel – “As per Govt of India directive, documents received for your Airtel Prepaid Mobile are incomplete and your services will be discontinued. Kindly contact the Airtel Relationship Center or the Dealer from where you purchased your Airtel Mobile immediately”. Immediately after that, the cellphone service died.