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Mac : Aperture 3 speed increase

Since the upgrade from Aperture 2 to 3, I was struggling with a slow and often hanging system. The moment Aperture was turned on, it was as if the entire system would go into a momentarily lapse and then sort of freeze. …this is what has finally made Aperture work happily on my Macbook Pro :

Latest Nokia N8 and Apple iPhone’s lost !

It’s strange that days after Apple claimed that it’s latest iPhone prototype was lost / stolen, Nokia has claimed the same for its new Nokia N8. It’s also strange that Apples lost iPhone found it’s way to a blog site and Nokia’s N8 found it’s way to another site What are the chances of 2 such prototypes being lost almost around the same time, then being found by almost similar review site

Mac : How to hide finder menu bar

On Mac’s snow leopard (or most other OS X versions), the finder menu bar on top of the screen is fixed and can’t be hidden. However, there are some applications like Firefox or Apple Mail where I really don’t need the menu bar. Here’s a small video of how you can change your apps to do the same

Help ! I need an iPad !

Unfortunately, the iPad might cost me over $999. You see, it’s launching in the US on 3rd April. Without pre-orders, its expected to be on shelves from 12th April. I happen to be in the US from 8 to 15th April. I’m sure I could have picked one up have but my wife travels with me. Sighhh…. I’ll have to negotiate hard with her to get it