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Speed up the Mac OS X Dock Hide / Appear

This might sound silly but the 0.5 seconds required for the Mac OS X Dock to hide and appear was too long for me. I searched around a bit and found a very easy way to speed it up.


Speed matters for Online Stores

Effectively, the entire delivery time was less than 24 hours. I’d say this is very very impressive! This is what matters for Online Stores. Such efficiency will bring them more customers, it will retain existing ones and ensure that this online store is preferred over others.

New Ministries required in Govt of India

One look at the overall infrastructure in India and you seriously feel the need for a Govt revamp. I think these 3 new ministries must be created by the Govt. of India: Ministry of Finishing, Ministry of Cleanliness & Ministry of Repairs

Mac OS X Lion – Must upgrade

Just upgraded to Mac OS X Lion (10.7) on the Macbook and iMac. As in most Mac updates, faced no issue at all. Have been playing around with Mac OS X Lion for some time and it’s really cool. Here are a few notings:

Buying an under-construction apartment? Keep this in mind.

This article is for all those who are buying under-construction apartments for the purpose of living in it. Based on my bad experience over the past 6 years in Delhi-NCR, I’ve put together some crucial points that will help ensure that your investment is safe and you get what you are promised.