Help ! I need an iPad !

Yes, I really really need an Ipad.
Why ?
What do mean why ?
I need it to be happy.
Don’t you need things in life to be happy ?

Why do you need that fancy watch around your wrist when your mobile perfectly shows you the same time ?
Why do you need to go out and eat dinner in a fancy restaurant when you can just as well eat at home ?
Why do need that large SUV when a tiny Suzuki can get you around ?

You need happiness in life, you need things in life to be happy and the Ipad is just that thing for Apple lovers.

Why do I love Apple ?

I’m not answering that. That’s like asking why do most people love a BMW when it comes to cars.

I need the iPad because it colors match my Macbook Pro. I need the iPad because its so cool. I need it because Apple’s made it. I need it to be happy. I’ll figure out what it does after I get it.

How many people own an Apple TV ? I do, that too in India.  Even most Apple fans won’t remember the disastrous Apple TV products.  They never sold, never took off and were not useful, till recently. For the first couple of years that I owned an Apple TV, it was a prestigious device to own, nothing more. It worked well, but offered no revolutionary feature. Then, slowly, Apple added Flickr to in. Now, I can just watch my photo albums on the TV using the Apple TV remote. In another upgrade to the Apple TV software, 3 years after its launch, Apple added Internet Radio to it. Wow !  Now the Apple TV rocks !

Even if the iPad doesn’t offer some crazy, breakthrough features today, it will some day and I’ll love it then.  Today, I just need to have it.

Unfortunately, the iPad might cost me over $999. You see, it’s launching in the US on 3rd April. Without pre-orders, its expected to be on shelves from 12th April. I happen to be in the US from 8 to 15th April.  I’m sure I could have picked one up have but my wife travels with me. Sighhh…. I’ll have to negotiate hard with her to get it. That means an iPad for me and an iPhone for her. Too much. Maybe an iPhone won’t make her happy and I’ll just get the iPad, keeping my fingers crossed. I have some more tricks up my arm to negotiate with her. I could buy the iPad for, then use it for her too 🙂

If anyone can help, I really need an iPad ! All idea’s welcome, even if they’re crazy !

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