Apple does it. Again.

Apple launched it’s new iPhone yesterday, named the iPhone 4. With several new features including an all new design, high quality display, dual 5 MP camera’s, the new iOS etc, the iPhone is way ahead than anything that’s available today. Watch this launch video that Steve Jobs showed at WWDC :

The highlight of the phone is the quality of the display, named Retina Display by Apple. On a 3.5 inch screen, the display gives a 960 x 640 resolution, that’s 4 times more pixel’s per inch than the older iPhone 3G display.   If you want to see the true advantages of the 326 pixel’s per inch display, visit this link.

Apple is also highlighting a feature called FaceTime wherein you can see people you are speaking to but it only works on a WiFi network, so the advantages might now be immediate.

The 5 MP camera with LED flash and HD video recording capabilities are great too. However, recording in HD requires a lot of space and the iPhone 4 comes only with 16GB or 32 GB options.

The phone launches on 24th June 2010 in the US and few other countries. It’s priced at $199 for 16 GB and $299 for 32GB with a 2 year AT&T contract. The unlocked versions would definitely be expensive. It’s expected to be available in 88 countries by September this year.

Here are few of my conclusions, after having stayed awake till the middle of the night to watch Steve Jobs take stage  :

a) The Retina Display will be available on the iPad sooner or later

b) The push on making FaceTime successful will require that iPad soon comes with a camera

c) Renaming the iPhone OS to iOS means it will be used on other devices too. It’s already being used on the iPad and i’m sure future Apple devices will use it. That mean’s the OS has a longish future – and creating apps on that makes business sense.

4) Apple’s new area of revenue will be iAds, an alternative and better solution than Google’s advertisements. Launching 1st July, it will not only generate a hugh revenue stream for Apple, it will also wake up it’s only competitor – Google. That means – better products and newer launches on the Android platform. Are we headed for a free phone from google soon ?

The WWDC isn’t over yet, it’s on till 11 June 2010. More announcements are expected from Apple. Safari 5 has already been launched (I’m using it now). Let’s wait and see what comes next.

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