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Anti-virus for a Mac: To use or not to use.

sealI was asked this question by a friend recently :

Hi, Anil. Does this article make you think one should install anti-virus software on a Mac?  If so, do you happen to have one you recommend?

This is how I responded:

Hi! Every time a new virus or malware is found, Apple usually provides a solution in the form of a OS update or a security update. If the Mac OS is being regularly updated, there is no need of an antivirus. I would prefer Apple’s updates any day over installing an antivirus, which, besides slowing down the system, creates more security holes and also consumes bandwidth. I don’t use an anti-virus.

Also, one needs to see how the Mac is being used. If it’s being used to browse mostly safe sites and doing regular work, the chances of such a rare virus getting installed before Apple’s updates are installed are almost zero. If the Mac is being used to download a lot of software or visit unsafe sites, there could be a chance of attracting a virus.

and my friend’s final response:

Thanks, Anil. That’s helpful. And underscores the need for staying on top of the system updates, which I haven’t always done….

So, Mac users, time to update your Mac.  My favorite saying applies here too –

Do it now.


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