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Mac : Aperture 3 speed increase

Since the upgrade from Aperture 2 to 3, I was struggling with a slow and often hanging system. The moment Aperture was turned on, it was as if the entire system would go into a momentarily lapse and then sort of freeze. …this is what has finally made Aperture work happily on my Macbook Pro :

Help ! I need an iPad !

Unfortunately, the iPad might cost me over $999. You see, it’s launching in the US on 3rd April. Without pre-orders, its expected to be on shelves from 12th April. I happen to be in the US from 8 to 15th April. I’m sure I could have picked one up have but my wife travels with me. Sighhh…. I’ll have to negotiate hard with her to get it

Toyota Recall – Indian car customers taken for many rides

Customers of the new Toyota Fortuner SUV are already screaming hoarse with their brakes losing power when applied at high speeds. Toyota has started replacing brakes of customers who complain but is not officially announcing for a recall. ..

Management Lessons from Bahrain F1 2010

What an exciting race at Bahrain to being the 2010 F1 season. As usual, this Sunday was made waiting for the race to being and then following each and every moment of it. This time, I decided to analyze the race from a management point of view and was surprised how much we can learn from a race.

Ecstasy !

Many years later, not only did i get to see our old family car, I got to drive it for the first …