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Google Apps is no longer free!

I’ve been using Google apps standard edition for small businesses since the past 8 years. It was a real boon for small …


KFC – unhygienic and insanitary in India!

The most popular KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in New Delhi, the capital city of India, was shut down yesterday as it was a “Health Hazard”. The government order, clearly stating that the KFC was found to be “running under unsanitary and un-hygienic conditions” is posted here.


Right to Education Act – More problems than can be digested

Private schools in India should be allowed to convert to profitable, tax paying institutions. They should pay the entire cost of land, in case they have got land at a discounted rate. They should decide who to admit and what fee to charge, but they should also pay taxes on any profits they make. These taxes, collected by the Government of India, should be used to setup more schools that can provide free education.


Anti-virus for a Mac: To use or not to use.

Every time a new virus or malware is found, Apple usually provides a solution in the form of a OS update or a security update. If the Mac OS is being regularly updated, there is no need of an antivirus. I would prefer Apple’s updates any day over installing an antivirus, which, besides slowing down the system, creates more security holes and also consumes bandwidth. I don’t use an anti-virus.


Speed up the Mac OS X Dock Hide / Appear

This might sound silly but the 0.5 seconds required for the Mac OS X Dock to hide and appear was too long for me. I searched around a bit and found a very easy way to speed it up.