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Right to Education Act – More problems than can be digested

Private schools in India should be allowed to convert to profitable, tax paying institutions. They should pay the entire cost of land, in case they have got land at a discounted rate. They should decide who to admit and what fee to charge, but they should also pay taxes on any profits they make. These taxes, collected by the Government of India, should be used to setup more schools that can provide free education.

Try out the new Moodle 2.0 !

Come July 20, 2010, Moodle will be releasing a version 2.0 of it’s platform. There is excitement amongst all Moodle users because ver 2.0 comes with huge number of changes in the core platform itself.

First off, the biggest pain in working in Moodle – Navigation – is completely revamped. Then, there is integration of external repository content.