Anil Sharma

KFC – unhygienic and insanitary in India!

chicken I’ve always believed that big American companies treat developing countries like their dumping ground and violate rules without the fear of being sued. If a KFC in the US was found to be “un-hygienic and insanitary”, I’m sure courts would impose a penalty running into millions of dollars on them.

The most popular KFC in New Delhi, the capital city of India, was shut down yesterday as it was a “Health Hazard”. The government order, clearly stating that the KFC was found to be “running under unsanitary and un-hygienic conditions” is posted here.  This particular KFC was located in the densely populated North Campus area and was a regular hangout of Delhi University students. If such a well located and prime restaurant of KFC wasn’t running in hygienic conditions, it raises serious questions about all their other outlets in India.  I hope a thorough check is conducted all across and the media really goes after them.


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