Ecstasy !

Many years later, not only did i get to see our old family car, I got to drive it for the first time !

This 1946 Morris has been in our family for years now. It was purchased for $100 from an ex-royal of Rajasthan. When I was a little kid, the family used to go for an annual vacation to our ancestral home in Rajasthan. For many years, the car was there unused in the garage and one on such visit, probably when I was 10 , we went out for a drive in it. All I remember was pushing the car more than being driven in it !!

Last week, I visited the house after 18 years for a wedding in the family. Not only was the car there, it had been fixed so that we could drive it ! It was sent to the garage for over a week to make the engine work.

I did drive it ! Less than a kilometer, in which too it shut down or stalled about 5 times but it was pure ecstasy ! The steering is stiff, the engine make loud, stuttering noises and you can smell the fumes inside the car. None of the dials work and the brakes just about manage to stop the car. However, this car is more fun to drive than any other I’ve ever driven, not just because its a 1946 Morris but because a lot of childhood memories are associated with it.

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