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Stop that music – now!

When my choice is selective Country or Blues or Jazz in a particular setting and volume, how can any store managers decide to thrust blaring noise on me just because I’ve been kind enough to consider buying something from them?

I own a tree !

I’ve received this certificate and what a good feeling it gives. I have no idea if a tree has actually been grown …

Old School

I studied in the St. Joseph’s School (also called North Point) at Darjeeling between 1983 and 1989. The school was started in 1888, that’s 112 years ago. The school building, made of large blocks of stone, is so beautiful; it should actually be declared a heritage structure. While doing this search I found this picture, just click on it to see it in its true grandeur:

Leh Floods – Help required for relief work

A friend and photographer Sankar Sridhar is heading to Leh on 11 Aug 2010 to help with the flood relief work there. He knows the area and people well – he will be able to contribute to the relief work immensely if we all support him. The flood has left Leh in shambles and it’ll take a lot more individual effort and contribution to try and rehabilitate the people who have lost everything in this natural disaster.

Some things just move you

My work entitles me to browse the internet throughout the day. I go through so much content that very little actually makes me stop and think. Even lesses is that content on the net which can truly move you…